Japan Travel Tips

Japan is a truly wonderful country with it's own unique culture and history. Whether you've been here before or you're visiting for the first time, the Land of the Rising Sun has such a wide variety of things to do that we're sure you'll have a great time. To help with your trip planning we've bundled together some useful resources below. 


Japan National Travel Organization

The JNTO is a great resource for first time travelers. The "Helping You Plan" tab offers lots of information from time zone, currency info and other FAQs to what plugs you need and where to get internet connectivity. They also offer a wide variety of suggestions on where to go and what to do.

Japan Rail (JR) Travel Pass

Getting around a new place can by tricky and Japan is no different. After many years living in Tokyo I still get lost sometimes. However, Japan Rail (JR) offers visitors a variety of fantastic rail pass options. If you want to travel around the country, this pass is incredible value and will give you access to Shinkansen "Bullet Train" travel as well as local lines in each City you visit. 

Irish Embassy Information

For any Irish visitors coming over for the RWC 2019 or Olympics 2020 it might be worth your while to to look over the Embassy website which has travel advice information and other details for first time travelers. 


From traditional Japanese style Ryokans to Western Style Hotels and Appartments, Japan has many options to suit your budget. Japan-Guide.com do a nice overview of the accommodation types. Click the title or image link for more details. Some other options to consider are below also:


Toyoko Inn

Tripadvisor Recommendations


Japan is a truly wonderful place, whose people you'll find are incredibly friendly. Japanese culture is quite unique however, and if your interested in avoiding any awkward or uncomfortable interactions you might like to brush up on your Japanese etiquette. Lonely Planet have done a comprehensive feature on this subject. Click the Title or picture link for more details.