From Left: Sari & Conor (Brennan's Irish Pub), Yuko (The Shannons'), Sae & Stefano (Seamus O'Hara), Will & Lexi (an sólás), Liam (Brennan's Irish Bar) & Alan (The Giant's Stewhouse).



 INISH (Irish Network in Services & Hospitality) is a collaborative small business network based here in Japan and established by founding members 巨人のシチュ―ハウス (The Giant's Stewhouse), An Solas, Seamus O'Hara, The Shannons and Brennan's Irish Pub.

Our mission is to enhance the experience of fans here in Japan and international supporters traveling to the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Olympics 2020 through collaborative and individual events, cross company promotions and information for first time travelers.


 イニッシュ-INISH-(Irish Network in Services&Hospitality)は、巨人のシチュハウス(The Giant's Stewhouse)、ソラス、シェーマスオハラ、ザ・シャノンズの創立者達が協力して立ち上げた中小企業ネットワークです。